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fiscal fight, ae1 warning fm president as the clock ticks down on the fault deadline. gripping heat, is there any relief in e1sight? and açó rock to remember. astronauts complete the final space walk of the american shuttle era. good morning, everyone. i'm lynn bertxk those stories and more are straight e1ahead. this is "first e1look" on msnbc1 thew3 heat is on lawmakers stillok struggling in washingto before an august 2nd default deadline.
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driving home thate1 point, the president suggested yesterday that if a deal is not done, social security checks scheduled to go out nextok month could ben jeopardy.xd us frome1 tt$ington with more. kristin, good morning. >> good morning, ñr399ñ yeah, the heat is on here in washington in a couple of ways. this would be the fourth straight day of talks between congressional leaders and the president. still, no 1dqttáy that despite that dire warning by the president that social security veterans and disabilitd checks, some 70 millioni check may not go out if there's no agreement reached by that august 2nd deadline. house speaker john boehner called that a veiled threat and says it's the president'sxd problem. that as mitch mcconnell called it the president's problem,e1 floating a deal that would allow the president to raise the debt ceiling, but only throughñi 201
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in the'c election. mcconnell sayzuc he doesn't fee any typeçó of deal can be met wh this president in office. that as the two sides meet elsewhere today. elsewhere, large portions3wf the country have the country in a ded heat 0lhold.u residents are wondering when the brutal heat is going to pass. nbc's jay grey has more. bl sun is delivering heati] -- >> super hot. >> -- and havoc across at( huge section of the country right now. the national weather service has issued a heat advisory in at least 23lpok states with an excessive heat warning across ten states in the south and midwest. >> thise1 is somexd oppressivet dangerous heat. >> dangerous and deadly. axd 51-year-old man sufferedw3 n
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heat stroke. hence lined up in oklahoma city looking for help with their electric bills and a little bit of i]relief. >> we have fans.fá if the electric isn't on, the air doesn't work. hot air blowing in. >> hot air over 100 degrees that's been in the area for 14 straight days now and the forecast says will linger for at least another week. >> what we have is a gigantic easy bake oven that we're living in right now. >> reporter: in new york, central park ise1 sizzling, the planfá to only 450 cooling cents from ice cream to fountains and water pools. people across thee1 country lookinge1xd for any way to beat heat.t(fá jay grey, nbc news. >> that looksfá like a fun way do it. now here is yourimq look at some of the other news going on around america tid. a water main break in oklahoma city soaked cityxd streets earl tuesdaylp morning.
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the geyser shot water 40 feet into the air. that city has recently been inundated with e1ruptures. officials believe at least five a high speed chase in los angeles ended with one driver taking ae1 tumble. police began their pursuitçó of the suv after spotting a vehicle on the road without its headlights on. after several refusals to pull over, police clipped the suv, causing it to roll on its roof. the male driver was then arrested. in chicago, the windy city showing a little leg. the larger than life legs are part of a gran did i os display of american pop culture that will depict the famous subway scene from theq marilyn monroe film. the completedt( structure will completed on friday and sand through 2012. e1finally, in the nation's capital, in recognition of extraordinary heroism, president
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obama awarded sergeant leroy petri the medal of honor at the white house yesterday.t( sergeant petri lost his hand saving two fellow soldiers in afghanistan is only the second livingq servicemane1 to receive1 honor since the vietnam war. now for a look at your national weather, we turnxt. nc meteorologist bill karinsxd wit your weather channel forecast. bill, good morning to you. >> gogbmorning, lynn. >> a lot of people have their eyes glaring ought going, tell me, buddy, tell me something is going to changed. >> as advertised, we thought it would be the hottest day of the summer, and it was. good morning, everyone. today, a little better in some areas, but still oppressivelyt( hot through many. the temperaturesok didn't tell e story becauseñ1 the humidity levels were so high. ownsboro, kentucky, you had the dubious honor of 120 after factoring in the humidity.
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00 in rally, is 00 ine1t( jacks air cold front hasxd sagd to the south. so we're taking o-tbe1 new york1 d.c. anzdçó baltimore and ph/,e from the extreme heat today. dryer air is moving in. still hot, but not as humidity. same will go for all of kentucky, the ohio valley. the areas in yellow, the heat advisories are still the worst of it will be. how hot? instead of 102, 89 infá st. lou. so you get your break. still extremely hot frome1 oklahoma city to dallas, back through little rock, memphis, nashville. and it's still hot. areas from philly to d.c., around 90 to 9 degrees today. but it won't be as humid. we're still going to be very humid around atlanta and charleston, that's why we still have the advisories6m out for those areas.lp one other@(note,o6k if anyone
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traveling through missouri this morning, a lot of heavy rain overnight. we've got some flash flooding problems. most of it is south of interstate u44. in st. louis one probably need ut to the south side of town early today. here is your forecast,w3 headin out the door, a lot of people will see those pop-up will see9imq=i5mìc%up remain dry. but especially the southeast. we'll probably see the most wet weather. in d.c. today, maybe a 20% chance of a storm. odds are, you're going to get missed. 3eá. same goes for boston. lynn, it's slightly better t( today, but things aren't going to improve ñiñimuch. wait until you see how hot it's going to get in many areas this weekend. >> i don't like that, just wait. >> just wait. >> it gets worse. coming up,çó default fears spook investors, the trade gap r]ui first morning's busxdt( headlines are straight ahead. home runs, great defense and
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crazy slide at the all-star game. you're watching t("first look" msnbc.
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welcome back to first look. i'm lynn berry. here is the top news this morning. in the latest fallout from a widening phone-hacking scandal, england's parliament is now urging rupert murdoch to drop his bid to buy a british broadcasting company. meanwhile, murdock and his son along with the ceo of u.k.-based "news international" have been summoned to appear before british lawmakers to testify. here at home, at least one u.s. senator is calling for congress to investigate whether murdoch's u.s.-based news corp has been involved in hacking victims of 9/11. time may be running out for libya's moammar gadhafi. according to new u.s. intelligence, the embattled leader is running out of cash while fuel in tripoli is reportedly in short supply. meanwhile, france's minister has
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said gadhafi's aides have hinted that the leader is ready to step down. it was a historic day for two american astronauts as they completed the shuttle program's final spacewalk, retrieving a failed amonia pump from the international space station. it was a dangerous day in spain. seven people were injured, but none gored in the second to last running of the bulls, as the largest of the beasts barrelled through the crowd daredevils and home stretch. in california, michelle obama and former president george w. bush were among those paying their respects to former first lady betty ford. a second service will be held in michigan tomorrow. sad news to report. tv legend sherwood schwartz creator of "gilligan's island" and "brady bunch" has died. he was 94 years old. now here is your first look at how wall street will kick off the day.
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the dow opens at 12,446 after losing 58 points yesterday. the s&p dipped 5 points. the nasdaq fell 20. taking a look at overseas trading this morning, in tokyo, the nikkei was up 37 points while in hong kong the hang seng rose 263. stocks slid for a third day in a row tuesday after europe's fiscal woes. a potential default by italy was the day's major concern, but a successful sale of new government bonds and austerity plans helped ease fears. investors were relieved after euro fnl finance ministers hypotheticed that they were troubled about buying greek bonds, signaling they have not ruled out a greek default. hurting shares early, in may, the u.s. trade gap wisened to its highest level in nearly three years. some fed officials unexpectedly suggested the possibility of more stimulus moves.
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but late in the day, moody's cut ireland's credit rating to junk status. that put an end to the rally. microchip technology plunged 12% after lowering expectations. novellus fell 11%. newscorp rose more than 8% after the company, in the midst of a phone hacking scandal said it would back bike more than $5 million of its own stock. alcoa fell on concerns falling aluminum prices might affect this quarter. in deal moves, video game publisher electronic arts is buying popcap games in a deal worth $ 1.3 billion. and radiant systems rose 30% after saying atmmaker ncr corp. would buy the company for $1.32.
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all the devastation caused by earthquake tsunamis, wildfires and flooding have reportedly made 2011 the costliest year ever recorded to the tune of $65 billion in damages so far and it's only july. as rupert murdock's media strong hold comes under attack, questions are beginning to surface about his u.s. brand. last night on the last word with lawrence o'donnell, lawrence asked watergate journalist carl bernstein if moisture dodd dock yields as much influence over journalism here as he has in england. >> i think he has huge power in this country through "the wall street journal." he owns, as well, the new york post which has been terribly influential in a horrible way in terms of changing agenda of america's newspapers to gossip to sensationalism. and also on the air.
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he has been the most influential figure in journalism over the last 50 years in the english-speaking world and we are all the poorer for it, despite the fact that he saved some newspapers, that he created the fox television network, fox news, which is another example of really good journalism is the best obtainable version of the truth. that's not what murdock practices. >> don't miss the last word with lawrence o'donnell at 8:00 p.m. eastern time, only on. >> mike: msnbc, the place for politics. the mets make a big play. plus, man down as the padres heath bell slides his way into an all-star appearance. your first look at sports is straight ahead. [ male announcer ] if it's true that sharks can sense even a drop of blood from a quarter of a mile away, which razor would you use? ♪
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welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. and in sports with an eye on the bottom line the cash-strapped nets send they are closer, k-rod, packing. here's nbc's mario solis. hi, there. good morning. the mets and the brewers were wheeling and dealing. new york-traded closer francisco rodriguez from milwaukee for a pair of players to be named later. k-rod was in line for a $17.5 million option, something the mets wanted no part of. now the phoenix for the all-star game. the red sox adrian gonzalez a finalist in the home run derby, flexing his muscles once again last night, giving the
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american league a 1-0 lead with a solo shot in the fourth. who says there's no defense in all-star games. adrian beltre singles a left. hunter pence comes up firing and nails bausista at the plate. he gets on the board at the bottom of tinning with two on. prince fielder steps in and steps out. a 410 football and he needed every inch of it. the ball hits the top of the wall and bounces over senior circuit up 3-1. then they turn it over to the pitching staff. the padre's heath bell pitching a scoreless eighth, but it's the way he entered the game that's got everyone talking. sprinting out of the bull pen and sliding. league win it, 5-1. prince fielder is the first brewer to be named mvp. as you probably know, derek jeter got hit number 3,000 last saturday with a home run. now the man who caught the ball could face a monumental tax bill. christian lopez gave the ball back to jeter and the yankees in exchange for tickets and signed memorabilia. apparently all of those are taxable items unless they're considered a gift.
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that is up to the irs to decide, but when it comes to uncle sam, no good deed goes untaxed. and finally, it was shoeless day at the tour de france for the norwegian who had a problem with his shoe. no, it wasn't athlete's foot but thanks to the team he had it fixed without getting off his bike. he took off his shoe and put it back on while moving about 40 miles per hour. hey, if the shoe fits, wear it again. that's a look at ports. i'm mario solis. now with another quick look at the weather, here is bill karins with a loot your weather channel forecast. >> today, slightly cooler. doesn't mean it will be chilly by any means. already we're at temperatures in the 70s. we dil didn't cool off in the big cities. the pavement really traps all the heat. that's why it's 82 right now in d.c., 77 in new york. and because we're starting out so warm, even with cooler temperatures, it's still going to be up there, upper 80s to low 90s today.
5:22 am
it's a hot day, just not compared to yesterday. a slight chance of storms. it's not going to be a stormy day. watch out, providence, boston to hartford, you have like a 20% to 30% chance of a storm. same going goes for you in d.c. i think most areas will remain dry. in d.c., the cooler air does arrive. what a beautiful end of the week towards the weekend. mid 80s and lower humidity values. this will be a picture-perfect end to the swooeft. southeast will be seeing a lot of storms today. it's still hot, lynn, just not as bad as yesterday. >> bill, thanks so much. coming up, which talk show queen may be tapped to host next year's oscar ceremony? plus, from film to fashions, turned out to be a pretty bad year for megan fox. your first look at entertainment is straight ahead. you're watching "first look." [ male announcer ] introducing the ultimate business phone --
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welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. last night on late night with jimmy fallon, jimmy second-guessed one group's push to create a 51st state. a lawmaker in california is pushing for 13 counties to break away and form a new state called south california. meanwhile, residents are pushing for a more fitting name, north mexico. astronauts are using a device that converts urine into a drink, at least that's what they're telling that one astronaut everyone hates.
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rookie. and this is cool, cathy lee and hoda are bringing their show to canada on thursday and friday. they plan to take in the wildlife, wild turkey, moose head, gray goose. that's right. cathy lee and hoda are going to montreal. in fact, they are so excited, they're already started slurring in french. isn't that cool? tonight, jimmy welcomes country music star blake shelton and musical guest jay shonas. it's time now for your first look at entertainment news. first, megan fox was replaced as the love interest in transformers 3. now, designer georgeo armani is replacing her with singer rihanna as armani jeans. that contract was reportedly worth $2 million. according to a report in the chicago sun times, the academy of motion arts picture and sciences is eyeing oprah winfrey
5:28 am
to host the next oscars. apparently after last year's so-called young oscars experiment, the academy wants to play it safe and, of course, she's available. singer song writer jewel and rodeo tie murray welcomed their first child in texas, a little boy named case. finally, a home in telluride, colorado, 14,000 square feet, 12 bedrooms, a guest house, all of it fully furnished. sitting on almost 27 acres of land, and it could all be yours for the low, low, low price of $18 million. >> that's it? >> i know. are you going to be able to go in on it? >> telluride is beautiful. >> it is beautiful. that's where all the stars live. >> that's not why i was there, but -- >> it's great there. >> skiing. >> were you staying on a home in 27 acres? >> when you go up the ski lift,
5:29 am
you go over the homes and that was as close as i got. >> "way too early" is couple next. congressional leaders will be back at the white house again to beat their heads against the wall for another day, trying to come up with a deal on the debt ceiling. that's a day after republican mitch mcconnell proposed a backup plan that essentially would let president obama raise the limit without many concessions at all to the gop. the question is, is there still hope for a big deal here? meanwhile, united states senator calls for an investigation into rupert murdock's american news organizations as british parliament unites today to press murdock to drop his bid to buy another media outlet in the uk. the question is, how far does this newscorp scandal reach? and it's generally pretty lame to talk about the weather, let's be honest. but good lord, it was hot yesterday with heat indexes hitting 115 in some parts of the country.

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